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How to Subscribe to the IHA Blog

Thank you for visiting us online and engaging in our content. You are on this page because you want to subscribe to our blog and be automatically updated when new content arrives.

When it comes to subscribing, you have two different options:

1. Get notifications of new content by email

To receive an email every time new content is posted on the IHA blog, simply enter your email address in the box located in the right sidebar and press “GO”.

Shortly thereafter you will receive a message from AWeber (the email subscription system IHA uses for this feature) asking you to confirm your subscription.

Each time a new article is posted on the blog, you’ll receive an email with a link to that article minutes after it has been published online. This is typically no more than 1-2 emails per day and we make a concerted effort not to do any more than that (because we all receive enough emails each day anyway, right?).

2. Get notifications of new content by RSS feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, also known as XML feeds, syndicated content, or feeds, are a file format that deliver frequently updated content through a subscription medium. In most cases, feeds are used for news websites and blogs, but can also be used for distributing other types of digital content and data, including pictures, audio or video.

View all available RSS feeds for the blog

You can subscribe to RSS feeds with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), through desktop applications (Microsoft Office Outlook 2007) or via web-based tools (Google Reader, Netvibes).