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About Our Blog

Welcome to our blog, a place for relevant news and insights about Iowa hospitals.

Think of the Iowa Hospital Association blog as an open-ended conversation. It’s a place where you can read about what we’re doing, what is happening in the industry and how it is affecting Iowa hospitals. If you have something to say about what we’re writing or just want to add your own opinion, you’re free to do so (and we encourage it).

Our goal behind launching this blog is to open the lines of communication and put our audience more closely in touch with what the association is doing for you. We will use this platform to share personal experiences from day-to-day operations of a state hospital association, to express our thoughts and opinions on health policy, to promote Iowa hospitals and to share resources  related to the industry.

We hope you’ll find our blog to be a valuable resource for your job and an easy way to stay connected with your state hospital association.

Leaving Comments

If you plan to participate on our blog by leaving a comment on one of our articles, please review our comment policy to be clear on what we will and won’t allow. We want to maintain an open discussion, but certain actions will be off-limits.

About Our Association

The Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) is a voluntary membership organization representing hospital and health system interests to business, government, and consumer audiences. It shapes health policy, fosters new forms of health care delivery, gathers data and monitors health care payment systems.

To learn more about IHA and its mission or the various products, services and training we provide, visit the Iowa Hospital Association website.